Sennheiser SET 860 Digital Wireless TV Listening Device


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  • You can adjust your TV sound just the way you need it. You can choose between 3 different preset hearing profiles at the mere push of a button, optimizing speech or music to fit your hearing needs.
  • You can shift the left/right volume balance to improve sound for a “weaker” ear. You can even switch from stereo to mono to get the full audio content in each ear. A unique treat is the Speech Intelligibility function, which reduces TV background noise while enhancing speech. You will see how much more fun it is watching TV when you can follow dialog effortlessly.
  • The under-the-chin headset applies no pressure to the head, adjusts automatically as you put it on, and does not interfere with glasses or your hairstyle.
  • Advanced wireless technology ensures a stable connection to the docking station within the range of up to 70 m (200 ft).
  • Up to 18 hours from a single charge
  • The battery recharges automatically when you put the headset on the docking station.
  • Setup is extremely fast and straightforward
  • Buttons are few, large and clearly marked.

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What’s in the box?

  • Headphones with built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Docking station
  • 1 pair of ear pads for small ears
  • Power supply
  • TV Optical cable for digital audio out
  • TV Connection cable 3.5 mm for headphone audio out
  • Instruction manual

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