Sennheiser EPOS BTD 800 USB Network Adapter


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The BTD 800 USB is a PC dongle designed to work seamlessly with any EPOS Bluetooth® audio device.

Optimized for UC
The BTD 800 USB dongle is optimized for UC and provides your PC/Mac with a rapid Bluetooth® connection to any EPOS device ensuring an excellent audio experience. This provides you with a high-end solution that maximizes the potential of your UC environment.

Plug and play
Without requiring any technical installation, the BTD 800 USB dongle provides your computer with a Bluetooth® connection to all EPOS Bluetooth® headsets & speakerphones. This ensures an excellent voice and sound experience.

Increased range
Now you can get the freedom to move up to 25 meters from your PC/Mac with dongle – depending on environment.


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