PocketTalker Pro Personal Amplification Device

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The Williams Sound Pocketalker PRO amplifies sound clearly and easily for better understanding. 100 hours of battery life ensures long-lasting performance. Each Pocketalker PRO includes a plug-in sensitive microphone and for the TV listener, a TV listening extension cord. Use the Pocketalker Pro with a variety of available MONO earphones and headphones of your choice, or, for optimal performance, use it with a neckloop and a telecoil-equipped hearing aid.

Great for use in one-on-one conversations, TV listening, listening in the car, small groups and much more. Minimize frustration associated with ongoing caregiver-to-resident and resident-to-resident interaction — from dining to occupational therapy to small-group activities such as card playing.

Can be used with or without hearing aids.

•1-Pocketalker Pro amplifier (no headset/earphone)
•1-System carry case
•2-AA batteries
•1-Belt clip case
•1-Plug mount microphone
•1-TV listening extension cord
•1-Instruction manual

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