iLUV TimeShaker Boom

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TimeShaker Boom is the perfect companion to wake you up on time. It has a 120 decibel alarm sound with an  adjustable level that will make sure you open your eyes.  Additionally, the Time Shaker Boom comes with a patent pending pillow shaker that is sure to wake you up.  Since the pillow shaker is wirelessly connected to the alarm clock, you can be free from the tangled wire.  If you choose the vibration only option, you can wake up without disturbing anyone else in the room.

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Vibrating Shaker
The TimeShaker Boom comes with a rechargeable wireless patented shaker that allows you to subtly wake up without disturbing your partner. Each shaker contain 3 different vibration levels – normal, strong and earthquake – so you can personalize how strong you want it to wake you up.
Panic Volume
Deep sleepers need not worry. The TimeShaker Boom features an adjustable volume that peaks at the 120dB panic alarm tone –  the same level as a hammer drill.
Bright Alert Light
If the high volume doesn’t wake you, we’ve got backup. The TimeShaker Boom also includes a super glistening alert light that flashes when your alarm goes off.
Take Charge with the USB Charging Port
Powering up just got more convenient. The TimeShaker Boom contains a built-in USC port allowing you to charge your phone right at your bedside.


  • 120 decibel alarm sound, the  same level as a hammer drill, with adjustable level
  • Powerful vibrations with 3 level selection: normal, strong, and earthquake
  • Unique, patent pending shaker vibrates to wake up even the deepest sleepers
  • Bright alert light to assist you to wake up
  • Dual alarm feature allows you to set two separate alarms
  • Back-up battery to keep time & alarm settings (2 AAA not included)
  • Easy User Interface (UI) for set up of two alarms with multiple alarm options: buzzer, bed shaker, and alert light
  • Jumbo, easy-to-read  1.4″ positive LED display
  • USB charging port rapidly charges a connected device or wireless bed shaker
  • Time format of 12 & 24 hour
  • Shaker battery lasts up to 7 days of usage before needing to recharge
  • Manual Daylight Saving Time (DST) adjustment

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