HearIt Amplifier Headset and Microphone

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HearIt MT is a very user-friendly communication amplifier with a built-in teleloop. It is well suited to people who need extra amplification in conversations, meetings, whilst listening to music or watching television and social gatherings.

High quality sound and high volume
HearIt MT has very high quality sound and amplification. It is recommended for people with impaired hearing who have yet to get a hearing aid or who are unable to wear a normal hearing aid due to physical limitations.

A user-friendly solution
HearIt MT has few settings and is easy-to-use. The amplifier is pointed towards the speaker, and a large convenient adjustment dial is used adjust the volume and power the instrument on and off. The conversation is heard in the included headphones (also available with a neck loop).

Listen via a teleloop system
A two-colour LED button is used to activate the microphone/teleloop function. With a single click, HearIt MT switches the amplifier to use the teleloop function, allowing you to listen via teleloop system (also available from Phonic Ear)

Protection against sudden loud noises
A built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) function protects the user from damage due to sudden loud noises, such as if the amplifier is dropped on the ground.

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